Organic Fair Trade


By committing to the BIOPARTENAIRE® association, Emile Noël has confirmed its position as a pioneer in organic farming and as a creator of a new sector.

The BIOPARTENAIRE® label affixed to our products provides a guarantee for the consumer thanks to the company’s commitment to 7 key areas:

  • To be compliant with organic regulations
  • Create contracts for reciprocal commitments in the supply chain
  • Ensure a fair income for producers
  • Boost the local economy through a concerted development programme
  • Establish a continuous dialogue and build solidarity between partners.
  • Commit to a forward-looking social and environmental policy
  • Reserve labelled products for specialised channels

At Emile Noël we support several BIOPARTENAIRE® sectors, which are then applied to our finished products:

Avocat Emile Noël Avocado from Kenya

Biopartenaire Kenya

Argan from Morocco

Biopartenaire Maroc

Noisette Emile Noël Hazelnut from Turkey

Biopartenaire Turquie

Noix de coco biopartenaire Emile NoëlCoconut from Sao Tomé

Biopartenaire Sao Tome

Sésame Emile NoëlSesame from Mali

Biopartenaire Mali

You will find the BIOPARTENAIRE® logo on all the products concerned. For more information, visit the BIOPARTENAIRE® website.

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