Faithful to the old adage that “to make good oils, you need good seeds”, everything possible is done at Emile Noël to ensure that our seeds and fruits are of the highest quality.

It is by travelling the world, always in search of new raw materials (cultivated organically), that the oil mill has been able to build an original and varied range with excellent flavours and nutritional qualities.

Our trade, even at the farthest corners of the globe, remains dominated by local alliances with people and their terroirs, and by short supply chains.

This strategy leads us to maintain and develop direct relationships, in France, Europe and other continents, with thousands of farmers, producers and suppliers.

Throughout our procurement process, Emile Noël is mindful of respect for the Earth and the people who cultivate it. From planting to bottling, we ensure that we remain committed to a responsible and sustainable development approach on every continent.


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