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Salad of chicory, Roquefort, apples and pears

Sans oeufs Emile NoëlEgg-free

Quantities: Serves 4 |  Preparation Time: 30 min |  Cooking time: /


  • 3 nice heads of chicory
  • 3 Canada (sweet dessert) apples
  • 3 William pears
  • 1 bouquet of flat parsley
  • 200 g of roquefort
  • 1 teaspoon of malted yeast
  • 1 pinch of garlic salt


– Finely slice the chicory, reserving four beautiful leaves for decoration.
– Cut the peeled apples and pears with the skin into small cubes.
– Mix everything in a bowl and drizzle with lemon juice to avoid oxidation.
– To make the vinaigrette, mix the mustard, balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, malted yeast and pepper, and emulsify with a fork by incorporating six tablespoons of Emile Noël organic virgin walnut oil.
– Add the roquefort cheese coarsely crushed with a fork, chopped parsley and paprika flakes to the vinaigrette.
– Spoon this mixture over the chicory and fruit, mix gently.
– Mould small bowls or circles, decorate with a chicory leaf and a sprig of parsley.
– Drizzle with a drop of Emile Noël organic virgin walnut oil, season with pepper and serve very well chilled.

Paprika flakes can be found in oriental grocery shops. They bring colour and flavour to dishes, even in winter, and are readily available.

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