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Salmon Pineapple Coriander tartare in Sesame Oil

Sans lactose Emile NoëlMilk-free Sans oeufs Emile NoëlEgg-free Sans gluten Emile NoëlGluten-free

Quantities: Serves 6 | Preparation Time: 15 min | Time to rest: 1 h



– Peel the pineapple and ensure that you have removed the “eyes”.
– Remove the skin and bones of the salmon fillet. Chop the flesh into small cubes.
– In a salad bowl, mix the pineapple and the salmon.
– Add the chopped coriander, sesame oil, salt and black sesame seeds.
– Refrigerate for 1h before serving.

Tartare Saumon Ananas Huile de Sesame

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