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Salmon tartare

Sans lactose Emile NoëlMilk-free Sans oeufs Emile NoëlEgg free Sans gluten Emile NoëlGluten-free

Quantities: Serves 6 |  Preparation Time: 15 min |  Time to rest: 1 h


  • 300g of fresh salmon filet
  • 200g of smoked salmon
  • 2 fresh limons juices
  • 5 fresh chives
  • 8 leafs of fresh basil
  • 24 capers


– Slice the fillets of the 2 kinds of salmon into very small cubes (3mm). Do not cut into large pieces.
– Keep in a cool place.
– Prepare the herbs and vegetables: chop chives, basil, red onion and capers very finely.
– Set aside.
– In a large bowl, squeeze the lemon.
– Add the olive oil and the mustard.
– Mix well.
– Add the chopped herbs and vegetables to the bowl.
– Mix well.
– Add the 2 kinds of salmon and mix well.
– Season with pepper and salt to taste.
– Marinate for about 1 hour in the fridge.

Tartare saumon Emile Noël

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