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Scallop tartare

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Quantities: Serves 4 |  Preparation Time: 20 min |  Cooking time: /


  • 250g of scallops without coral
  • 1 bunch of winter chives
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 avocado
  • A small pot of dried tomatoes
  • The juice of 1 lemon


– Coarsely chop the scallop meat with a knife.
– Add in a bowl the chives and chopped shallot, the juice of the lemon and half orange, two dashes of tabasco, a teaspoon of Emile Noël Fair Trade organic virgin argan oil and the salt.
– Keep in a cool place.
– Into a second bowl, cut the avocado into small pieces, add 100 g of dried tomatoes cut into very small cubes, then a tablespoon of Emile Noël Fair Trade organic virgin argan oil.
– Season with a few turns of the pepper mill.
– With this mixture, garnish the lower half of a pastry circle on a plate, then cover with the seasoned scallops.
– Decorate with peeled orange segments and chives.
– Keep the plates in a cool place and do not unwrap until ready to serve.

For a scallop tartar, it is advisable to sharpen your knife so you can chop without damaging the fibres. No food processors! Preserving the texture of the shellfish is essential to the success of the recipe.

recette tartare coquille saint-jacques Emile Noël

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