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Our commitment

100% organic know-how

Our oil mill is the partner of organic agriculture worldwide. We work exclusively with organic seeds and oilseeds to produce our oils. By choosing organic produce, we are promoting responsible, environmentally-friendly agriculture and high-quality products.

What is... ORGANIC?

produits naturels

Give priority to natural products

No chemical fertilizers
Synthetic pesticide-free

logo ab

An AB logo

Which guarantees 95% organic ingredients in the final composition of the product.

production respect vivant

A method of agricultural production where respect for living organisms guides our work

Rotation and association of crops, Composting and recycling of natural organic matter, Green fertilizers, Pest control by biological and non-chemical means…

respect nature

Respect for nature

Organic farming does not disrupt cycles, balances or biodiversity. It does not abuse its resources, and improves soil and water quality.

Seasonality and yields that favor the concentration of flavors. It cultivates the diversity that allows us to rediscover forgotten flavors and encourages us to eat a balanced diet!

commerce equitable

Favors fair trade*.

For fair remuneration of producers, Social responsibility for dignified working conditions, Eco-designed products with respect for the environment: recycling, eco-labels, energy savings, CO2 reduction…

*Some of our products carry the BIOPARTENAIRE® logo.

BIO at Emile Noël

sincerite approche agriculture et commerce equitable

Sincerity in our approach to organic farming and fair trade

Working methods, social, environmental and economic progress, qualitative, tasty and healthy products, consumer information via and adapted nutritional advice.


Strict compliance with existing regulations, certifications and specifications in France and abroad (organic farming, creation and management of BIOPARTENAIRE® networks, manufacture of organic food products). Ongoing quality and conformity control, both internal in our laboratory and external with independent certifying bodies.

respect hommes

Respect for people

Continuous improvement in relations and work with our suppliers and partners, and in our long-term commitments.

respect nature emile noel

Respect for nature

Of the earth, soils, environments, climate and natural rhythms.


Local shops

A long-standing partner of specialized organic networks, enabling distribution through local stores throughout France

Food waste

anti gaspi

Oil and most grocery products (tomato sauce, mustards, mayonnaise, cooking aids, potato chips, toast, etc.) are products with a Minimum Shel f Life (MSL).

This means that once this date has passed, the product may lose its taste and nutritional quality, without posing any risk to the consumer.

If the product has always been kept away from light and heat, it can still be consumed after this date.

So before you throw the product away, remember to check if it is still good, like this:



to test the product’s taste quality



The smell of the product



Product appearance