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Emile Noel Produit Huile Olive HO Portugal 750ml 7210

The Emile Noël signature: Organic oils that transmit a love of nature and respect for the environment.

At Emile Noël, our passion for high-quality organic oils goes back more than a century. Since 1920, we have firmly believed in the importance of offering products that are pure, healthy and respectful of the environment.

Thanks to careful selection, we offer you a wide range of organic oils, specially chosen for their exquisite flavours and health benefits. From olive oil to seed oil, and exotic treasures like avocado or black cumin oil, you can explore our collection and let us guide you through a unique taste experience.

We place the utmost importance on the quality of our products, ensuring that they meet the most rigorous organic farming standards. We’re proud to offer you organic oils of exceptional purity, so you can enjoy a healthy diet and indulge yourself at the same time.

At Emile Noël, we believe that well-being requires conscious and tasty eating . That’s why we do everything we can to offer you organic oils that combine quality, flavor and respect for the environment. Join us on this taste adventure and discover the pleasure of healthy and delicious food .

The simple pleasure of cooking with quality products

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madeleines vegan à lhuile dolive

Vegan Madeleines with Olive Oil

Enjoy endless pleasure with our tasty vegan olive oil madeleines. Simplify your life and prepare this sustainable, natural delight quickly and easily for a breakfast that will leave you smiling with satisfaction. Treat yourself to a guilt-free day with these...

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recette houmous emile noel


This article shows you how to prepare hummus, an Asian delicacy made from cooked chickpeas, liquid cream, garlic, organic lemon juice, sesame oil and aromatic herbs. It will be served with Lebanese, Greek or carrot rolls.

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Maison Boutarin Recette Fromage de chevre Ail noir Emile Noel

Goat’s cheese stuffed with black garlic

. Ce plat est facile à préparer et à déguster, il est idéal pour les soirées entre amis et autres occasions spéciales. Testez cette recette rapide et délicieuse de Formage de chèvre farci à l'ail noir : profitez de l'arôme...

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cheesecakes herbes fraiches

Fresh herb cheesecakes

Are you looking for a quick, easy and delicious recipe halfway between aperitif and dessert? Let yourself be seduced by these fresh herb cheesecakes! Easy to prepare, they'll give you a delicious break from life's simple pleasures. No cooking, and...

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