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Emile Noel Produit Pesto rosso 90g 832

Our range of spreads biological

Discover our range of exquisite spreads, including black and green tapenades, creamy and delicious hummus such as chickpea, beet and lentil coral hummus. Each of our spreads is made with top-quality ingredients, carefully selected for their exceptional flavour and texture.

Let yourself be seduced by the Mediterranean aromas of our tapenades, which combine tasty olives with carefully selected herbs and spices. Immerse your palate in an explosion of flavors with our hummus, concocted from wholesome, natural ingredients for the tastiest eating experience.

Our spreads are perfect to accompany your aperitifs, liven up your sandwiches, enhance your salads or even serve as a dip for crunchy vegetables. They’re ready to be enjoyed and add a touch of deliciousness to all your moments of sharing.

Emile Noel Produit Tartinable Tapenade Verte 90g 1700
Emile Noel Produit Tartinable Caviar daubergine 90g 188
Emile Noel Produit Tartinable Delices de Poivrons Rouges 90g 1143
Emile Noel Produit Pesto Verde 90g 206
Emile Noel Produit Pesto rosso 90g 832
Emile Noel Produit Sauce Froides Rouille 90g 801
Emile Noel Produit Tartinable Tapenade Noire 90g 697