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Control and Laboratory

Our commitment to quality

Internal Quality Control

Product quality is a major concern at Emile Noël. Our commitment to our consumers and customers is synonymous with rigor and excellence. Our manufacturing process is characterized by precise controls and impeccable internal organization.

At the heart of Emile Noël, our in-house laboratory/R&D is the guarantor of the quality of our products. Our team of 5 experts draws up an internal control plan that is updated every 6 months, in line with the latest French and European regulatory developments. They also adjust this plan according to supply and market trends.

Our control process extends from the raw material sample before purchase to the storage of the finished product. At Emile Noël, every effort is made to preserve the nutritional and organoleptic qualities of the raw material. Our Emile Noël organic virgin oils are produced by mechanical processes, in first cold pressing or cold extraction, without any chemical treatment. Our presses, in perfect working order, date back to the mill’s beginnings in 1960. They rotate slowly at temperatures below 60°C to preserve the raw materials.

Responsibility and traceability

Our Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs departments are responsible for creating all the documents associated with quality and traceability. These documents include certificates (organic, non-allergenic), attestations (non-GMO, non-ionization), technical data sheets and analysis bulletins. We ensure the traceability of every product.

Research & Development

R&D is an essential part of our laboratory. Our experts carry out a wide range of missions to improve our products, including the physico-chemical understanding of our oils, the optimization of manufacturing processes, formulation, the study of new raw materials and the development of new products.

The Demand for Taste

At Emile Noël, taste is paramount. Each week, our team of tasters, under the supervision of the head of the jury, evaluates a panel of olive oils by blind tasting. They determine the organoleptic criteria for each product to determine its category. All our oils are subject to the internal control plan set up by the laboratory, guaranteeing their taste quality.

At Emile Noël, quality is our priority. We guarantee that our products are first cold-pressed, organic and free from chemical treatments. Our in-house R&D laboratory embodies our commitment to excellence, transparency and authenticity. Please contact us to find out more about our manufacturing process and our commitment to quality.

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