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The Secret of our Oils

Handcrafted Tradition and Exceptional Quality

At the heart of our approach lies a profound conviction: to obtain excellent oils, you have to start with the seeds .

At Emile Noël, we make every effort to ensure that our raw materials are of exceptional quality. Our oils are made using traditional, artisanal methods, using carefully-maintained old screw presses for slow, gentle extraction. This unique process gives rise to our first cold-pressed oils, renowned for their authenticity and nutritional benefits.

Handcrafted Tradition

Since our foundation, we have always honored traditional, artisanal methods. We believe in the value of preserving the authenticity of each seed, each fruit. That’s why we use old screw presses, dating back to the beginnings of our mill in 1960. These presses are kept in perfect working order, guaranteeing slow extraction at temperatures below 60°C.

The result?

First cold-pressed oils of exceptional quality.

Raw materials quality

At Emile Noël, we never compromise on the quality of our raw materials. We travel the world in search of new sources, always organically grown.

Our sourcing favors short circuits and close alliances with farmers and producers.

Our supply map reveals the diversity of the seeds, fruits and flowers that make up our oils.

Les Presses Anciennes

The vintage presses we use are gems of traditional technology.

Their operation is based on a worm screw mechanism, ensuring extremely slow rotation at an ideal temperature.

This method ensures a smooth flow, preserving the quality of our raw materials. Each drop of oil extracted is the fruit of a slow, delicate process.

Craftsmanship for Excellence

The Magic of First Cold Pressing

Our manufacturing process

procede fabrication emile noel

Preserving nutritional value

At Emile Noël, we are committed to preserving the nutritional value of our oils. Our mechanical first cold-pressing and cold-extraction processes ensure that our oils remain natural and unaltered. They preserve the flavor and finesse of the fruit or seeds from which they are made. In a word, our artisanal processes combine nutritional benefits with gustatory pleasure, making our oils veritable gastronomic treasures.

Every drop of Emile Noël oil embodies our unwavering commitment to quality and tradition. Our artisanal process guarantees that each oil is the fruit of the highest quality and preserves all its nutritional potential. Explore our products from these unique processes and discover the authentic taste of tradition.