Explore our Supply Chains: Exceptional Oils, Terroirs of Emotion

Discover the exciting journey of the raw materials that bring our exceptional oils to life. Since 1972, Émile Noël has been committed to growing the best of each fruit, through sustainable supply chains in France and around the world. Immerse yourself in our history, explore our terroirs, and join us in our commitment to organic, fair and responsible agriculture.

From Terroirs to Treasure, a Tradition of Excellence

Since our humble beginnings, Émile Noël has always followed a golden rule: “To create exceptional oils, you have to start with exceptional seeds.” This adage guides our relentless quest for the purest and most precious raw materials.

Every day, we venture into the heart of the land where these natural treasures come to life, because there is nothing like a fruit or seed that has matured under our care to extract the most precious treasures.

Dating back to 1972, Émile Noël paved the way by becoming the first oil mill in France to extract the essence of seeds from organic farming. We were pioneers of solidarity trade, now recognized as fair trade, establishing our first sector in West Africa in 1985.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability remains at the heart of our identity, and it is this passion that has given birth to a multitude of sustainable supply chains in France and around the world.

The Essence of the French Earth

Our sectors in France

Welcome to the very heart of our commitment, where the passion for quality and the preservation of our agricultural heritage flourishes.

At Émile Noël, we believe in the richness of the French land and its natural treasures. This is why we have forged close ties with local farmers and their organizations to cultivate exceptional raw materials in our French supply chains.

Discover our French supply chains, where every drop of oil carries the flavour of our terroir and the excellence of organic farming.


pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – The Camelina sector is a French sector, which extends over several basins, the Creuse, Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine.

We work with a cooperative of 9 farms that grow camelina in crop rotation, located in the Creuse and which is exclusively labeled BIOPARTENAIRE.®

The partnership dates back to 2018 and in 2021 a BIOPARTENAIRE® label was initiated at our request for the new harvest.


When we wanted to develop hemp oil, it was an obvious choice to get closer to experts in the field.

Our hemp comes from two farmers, one of whom is located in Aube, a department responsible for a third of European production.

But also in the Creuse, an exceptional territory, because the Creuse is a territory rather for livestock and cereal cultivation, but lends itself particularly well to the cultivation of Hemp. This makes this approach by Emile Noël a real innovation.


pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – The flax sector is a French sector which is a group of 9 farms, growing flax in crop rotation on their plots, located more precisely in the Creuse, this sector of 9 farms initiated in 2018, is labelled BIOPARTENAIRE® in 2021 at our request for the new harvest.

Since 2013, Emile Noël has also been working with a cooperative whose production area is located in Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine. The latter was also awarded the BIOPARTENAIRE® label in 2021.


pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – The Sunflower sector is a French sector, located more precisely in Occitania.

Émile Noël gets his supplies from a 100% organic cooperative, bringing together nearly 1200 producers.

Emile Noël’s annual purchase volume is equivalent to the total production of 6 producers.

We work with this cooperative and we also support producers towards the agroecological transition.

The partnership dates back to 2021 when a BIOPARTENAIRE® label was initiated at our request for the new harvest.


The walnut being one of the nuts at the heart of our French culture, Emile Noel has chosen to join forces with producers in the Périgord in order to develop an exceptional French walnut oil with character.

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PDO Haute Provence Olive Oil

Very attached to our Provençal region and its terroir, it was important for us to build a sector with a farmer anchored in his terroir Alpes de Haute Provence. By getting closer to this passionate olive grower, we were able to develop Haute Provence oil with an intense flavour.

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AOP Vallée des Baux-de-Provence

Proud of his terroir and his origins, Emile Noël wanted to develop a sector close to his birthplace: Provence. With his Baux de Provence sector, Emile Noël offers an oil with character thanks to the productions of passionate farmers.

Logo biopartenaire

Biopartner® Label

It is a contract for a minimum period with a group of producers and a commitment to a minimum quantity per year and a floor price that is sufficiently remunerative for the producers, discussed with the group in complete transparency.

This is the principle of fair trade with a guarantee of outlets for production.

A percentage of buyers’ remuneration is used to finance projects for producers via a development fund.

The whole world in our products

Discovering the World

Our International Supply Chains

Welcome to a journey around the globe in search of the most exquisite flavours and the most inspiring sustainable supply chains. At Émile Noël, our commitment to excellence is not limited to the borders of France. We have extended our passion for quality and responsible agriculture across the globe, collaborating with communities of talented farmers.

Explore our international pipelines, each with its own unique story to tell.

Argan from Morocco

pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – Created in 2006, the Argan sector in Morocco supports the living conditions of rural Moroccan women, as this product is traditionally harvested by women.

The cultivation of argan was recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 1999, which allowed the creation of reserves and the awareness of the population.

The creation of this sector by Emile Noël allows us to commit ourselves to this cause.

Kenyan Avocado

pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – Since 2010, Emile Noël has been working with small Kenyan producers to buy their avocado oil production, which until now had often been exploited through intermediaries. Thus, this sector guarantees Kenyan avocado farmers a stable and sustainable income by removing them from intermediaries.

Coco de Sao Tomé

pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – Emile Noël As a sector builder, has chosen this Sao Tome origin to provide assistance and support to a small producer on the island of São Tomé by giving it the opportunity to develop its business on an island where the main source of production is coffee and cocoa.

This sector is labelled BIOPARTENAIRE® and guarantees strong commitments for fair and responsible organic farming.

Turkish Hazelnut

pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – In 2008, Emile Noël joined forces with Agrosourcing to develop its Turkish hazelnut sector. This partnership has resulted in an increase in the number of hazelnut growers to respond more effectively to the increased demand. It thus allows producers to sustain their farms in an increasingly complicated context and with uncontrollable and increasingly frequent climatic events.

This sector is labelled BIOPARTENAIRE® and guarantees strong commitments for fair and responsible organic farming.

Guinea Avocado

Emile Noël Guinea was founded in 2018.
Anxious to have quality raw materials, we decided to create an oil mill employing a dozen people in Guinea in the heart of avocado crops.
As the group wanted to leave the added value as much as possible to the producers, it was decided to build a factory on site.

Sesame from Mali

pictocertification-biosolidaireBIOPARTNER® – Mali was one of the first sectors created by the Emile Noël oil mill through the cultivation of sesame seeds in the 80s. On the strength of this shared history with this country, the oil mill wanted to create its own foundation in 2014, FONDATION EMILE NOËL MALI in order to perpetuate its exchanges. Today, more than 15 people employed by the foundation ensure the monitoring of agricultural activities as well as the training of producers while ensuring compliance with the specifications of organic farming.

This sector is labelled BIOPARTENAIRE® and guarantees strong commitments for fair and responsible organic farming.

logo fondation mali emile noel

Olive - Spain - The Family Finca

Born in 2014, from the wish of the President of the Emile Noel oil mill, David Garnier, to become an olive producer again, the Finca Familiale olive grove is the result of a strong and ambitious project.
Located in Andalusia, where David Garnier used to spend his family holidays as a child, it is with emotion that he wanted to rehabilitate this olive farm.

To find out more about our Finca Familiale estate: Click here