The Art of Responsible Sourcing

At Emile Noël, the quest for excellence begins at the source. We believe in an old adage that remains at the heart of our mission:

"To make good oils, you need good seeds."

It is this fundamental principle that guides us all over the world in search of the best raw materials, always grown organically.

A World of Exploration and Discovery

Travelling the planet, we explore faraway lands and unknown horizons to discover new gastronomic treasures. Our commitment to quality and nutrition is the driving force behind our original and diverse range, rich in authentic flavours.

Connections That Make a Difference

In our quest for supplies, we forge authentic and lasting relationships with the men and women of the land. Our close relationships with farmers, producers and suppliers, whether they are close to home in France, Europe or on other continents, are the foundation of our success. Together, we share a common vision of sustainability and respect for the Earth.

A Journey Around the World

As we travel, we collect seeds, fruits and flowers from every corner of the globe because we believe in excellence wherever it is found. Our supply map illustrates this exciting journey, highlighting the origin of each ingredient and the incredible diversity of our selection.

The whole world in our products

Discover our ingredients

We invite you to explore the specifics of our seeds, fruits and flowers by browsing the sourcing map above.

For more detailed information on each ingredient, read further down this page.

At Emile Noël, our sourcing process is a reflection of our commitment to the Earth and to the people who cultivate it. From planting to bottling, we remain resolutely committed to a responsible and sustainable approach that extends to all corners of the world.

Welcome to the world of Emile Noël products, created with love from the finest ingredients our planet has to offer.