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Oil: Special Fried Sunflower Oleic (odourless)

The perfect ally for odourless frying!

Discover our odourless Oleic Sunflower Frying Oil .

Thanks to its unique composition, this oil is the perfect ally for tasty and healthy frying. Its high smoke point and stability at high temperatures ensure optimal cooking.

Enjoy a dining experience without the inconvenience of lingering odors. Make your fried food a real pleasure with our oil specially designed to meet your expectations

Odourless and tasteless


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Ce produit peut être consommé après la date de durabilité moyenne indiquée sur le produit.


Special Oleic Sunflower Frying Oil: The perfect combination for unrivalled frying!

Imagine yourself making delicious, crispy, golden fry, unbothered by the lingering smells that invade your kitchen. With our Special Oleic Sunflower Frying Oil, this vision becomes a reality.

An unrivalled dining experience

Discover the secret to perfect fried food. Our specially designed oil is a taste treasure, carefully selected to offer incomparable quality. Its subtle taste and light texture enhance your favourite dishes. Thanks to its unique oleic sunflower composition, it is resistant to high temperatures, thus preserving all the flavours without dewatering.

The Inexhaustible Benefits of Oleic Sunflower Oil

Oleic sunflower oil is renowned for its health benefits. With a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, it helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, thus promoting a balanced diet. Plus, it’s packed with vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, to take care of your well-being.

Gourmet recipes to make with our special frying oil

Crispy chicken : Prepare chicken pieces marinated in your favourite spices, then dip them in our special frying oil. The result? Golden, crispy skin, juicy flesh and an explosion of flavors.

Irresistible fries : Cut potatoes into sticks, dip them in our oil and fry until crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. A delicious temptation to share.

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