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Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil

Let the sun come into your kitchen with our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil!

Treat yourself to a healthy cooking experience with our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil. Get the best of nature in your kitchen with this mechanically extracted virgin oil with no additives.

Naturally contains omega-6 fatty acids that are beneficial to your health. Cold pressing preserves all the benefits of sunflower.

Adopt an organic diet and benefit from our know-how of more than 100 years. Choose an exceptional oil for natural and delicious cuisine.

Naturally rich in vitamin E


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Let the sun come into your kitchen with our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil!

Discover the delights of virgin sunflower oil

Dear lover of healthy and tasty cuisine, let me take you on a sunny taste journey with our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil. Lovingly grown using organic methods, this exceptional oil naturally contains health benefits and unveils authentic flavours that will enhance your dishes.

Benefits for your well-being

Choose an edible oil that preserves all its nutritional qualities. Our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil is extracted mechanically, thanks to a meticulous cold pressing. It is full of omega-6, which is essential for maintaining balanced health. Enjoy the benefits of healthy cooking without compromising on taste!

Sunny recipes for your taste buds

Let your culinary creativity run wild! Our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil is the perfect ally for your preparations. Put on your apron, and try our homemade vinaigrette: mix a few drops of sunflower oil with a touch of balsamic vinegar, a pinch of salt and pepper. It’s simple, but your salads will be sublimated!

A well-kept kitchen secret

Our virgin sunflower oil comes from a careful selection of high-quality sunflower seeds. These seeds, pampered by the sun in organic fields, are delicately pressed to offer you this exceptional oil, naturally rich in aromas. A well-kept kitchen secret that will bring a touch of light to all your preparations.

Emile Noël’s commitment

For more than a century, at Emile Noël, we have cherished nature and its wonders. We put all our know-how into the production of our organic edible oils to preserve the quality and flavor of the products. By choosing our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil, you are opting for an authentic product, from responsible and environmentally friendly agriculture.

In conclusion, invite the sun into your kitchen with our Organic Virgin Sunflower Oil. Treat yourself to a culinary journey rich in flavours, benefits and discoveries. Make every dish a healthy and natural delicacy. Choose Emile Noël, organic excellence for more than a century.

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