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DHA Oil + Organic Vegan

Embark on a journey to radiant health with Organic Vegan DHA + Oil!

Discover our Organic Vegan DHA + Oil!
Immerse yourself in a unique nutritional experience with this exceptional edible oil naturally containing omega-3 fatty acids extracted from microalgae.

Offering a valuable plant-based alternative for optimal health, this vegetable oil is certified organic for its purity and quality.

Opt for a healthy and responsible diet with our Organic Vegan DHA + Oil today!

Algae oil naturally rich in Omega 3


Where can I find Emile Noël products?

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Explore our list of reliable e-commerce partners to buy our premium organic oils at the click of a button. Enjoy a convenient shopping experience and the exceptional benefits of our products. Make your choice with confidence and contribute to our mission of promoting healthy, sustainable food.

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Ce produit peut être consommé après la date de durabilité moyenne indiquée sur le produit.


Embark on a culinary voyage with DHA + Bio Vegan Oil!

Let us transport you to a paradise of flavors and health benefits with our Organic Vegan DHA + Oil!

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable taste experience with this exceptional vegetable oil, naturally containing omega-3 fatty acids extracted from microalgae. You’ll be amazed by its nutritive properties, perfect for nourishing your body while preserving the environment.

An explosion of flavours for your taste buds

Discover the secrets of gourmet cooking by incorporating our DHA + Organic Vegan Oil into your favourite recipes! Its delicate aromas will subtly enhance your dishes, whether hot or cold. Sear your vegetables in a frying pan with a few drops of our oil to enhance their flavour and preserve their nutrients. Enhance your marinades with its rich omega-3 fatty acids for tasty, healthy grilling.

Radiant health in every bite

Take care of your well-being with every bite!Organic Vegan DHA + Oil boosts your body thanks to its essential fatty acid content. It supports your heart, stimulates brain function and boosts your immune system. Treat yourself to radiant health every day with this exceptional plant oil.

The essential nutritional touch

Make Bio Vegan DHA + Oil part of your daily routine and benefit from an essential plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s the perfect ally for nutrition-conscious vegetarians and vegans. Add a healthy touch to your salads with a homemade vinaigrette. Revive your smoothies with a dose of nutritional goodness. This exceptional oil will enhance all your culinary preparations for a healthy and delicious diet.

Eco-responsible oil

Enjoy our DHA + Organic Vegan Oil with a clear conscience! Its vegetable origin and organic certification guarantee you an oil that respects the environment. By choosing our oil, you support responsible, sustainable agriculture, preserving our planet’s biodiversity. Adopt an eco-responsible approach and treat your taste buds at the same time.

  • Naturally contains essential omega-3 fatty acids
  • Perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets
  • Boosts cardiovascular and cerebral health
  • Certified organic and environmentally friendly

Nutritional values

  • Average nutritional analysis : pour 100 g
  • Energy 3700 kJ / 900 kcal
  • Fats and oils 100 g

    Of which saturated fatty acids: 6 g
    Of which monounsaturated fatty acids: 74 g
    Of which polyunsaturated fatty acids: 18 g

  • Carbohydrates 0 g

    Of which sugars: 0 g

  • Protein 0 g
  • Salt 0 g
  • *NRV: Nutritional reference values
    Contains 400 g of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), a member of the Omega 3 family, per 100 g


  • Organic cocktail of vegetable oils containing a seaweed oil:
    62.1% organic deodorized rapeseed oil
    37% organic deodorized oleic sunflower oil
    0.9% algae oil (oil extracted from the microalga Schizochytrium sp,
    deodorized oleic sunflower oil, tocopherol-rich extract (E306))

Available formats

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Emile Noel picto Format conditionnement produit Bouteille 500ml 1
Emile Noel picto Format conditionnement produit Bouteille 1 litre 1
Emile Noel picto Format conditionnement produit Poche 1.5 litres 1
Emile Noel picto Format conditionnement produit Poche 3 litres 1
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