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Emile Noel Produit Tartine Lin Sans Gluten 2x100g 1284

Our range of toast biological

Discover our organic sandwiches, lovingly prepared fromcarefully selected ingredients. Our recipes are skilfully crafted to offer you moments of authentic delight. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, we have something for every palate.

Let yourself be seduced by our sweet spreads, topped with delicious organic jams made from sun-kissed fruit. Enjoy our savoury sandwiches, topped with tasty spreads or thin slices of organic cheese. Our varied range will satisfy all your gourmet cravings.

Our organic toast is the perfect choice for a healthy, balanced diet. They are prepared with organically grown ingredients, free from pesticides and chemicals. So you can enjoy them with complete peace of mind, while savouring top-quality products.

Emile Noel Produit Tartines Noisette 2x100g 1334
Emile Noel Produit Tartine Noix Sans Gluten 2x100g 1283
Emile Noel Produit Tartine Courge Sans Gluten 2x100g 1286
Emile Noel Produit Tartine Lin Sans Gluten 2x100g 1284
Emile Noel Produit Tartine Sesame Sans Gluten 2x100g 1285
Emile Noel Produit Tartines Amande 2x100g 1433