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Gluten-free organic almond toast

Healthy, balanced food for all

Our Gluten-Free Organic Almond Tartines are designed to meet the needs of a healthy, balanced diet. They are made from high-quality organic almonds and contain no preservatives or additives.

We understand that many people have specific dietary requirements, which is why we’ve created our Gluten-Free Organic Almond Tartines to meet these needs. If you’re following a gluten-free and lactose-free diet, our toast is the ideal choice for you. They are also vegan, which means they meet the needs of people following a vegan diet.

Only 18 kcal per slice


Where can I find Emile Noël products?

Find out where to buy Emile Noël products online!

Explore our list of reliable e-commerce partners to buy our premium organic oils at the click of a button. Enjoy a convenient shopping experience and the exceptional benefits of our products. Make your choice with confidence and contribute to our mission of promoting healthy, sustainable food.

*Product available by country

Ce produit peut être consommé après la date de durabilité moyenne indiquée sur le produit.

Sans gluten Emile Noël

Discover Emile Noël’s Gluten-Free Organic Almond Tartines

Emile Noël’s Gluten-Free Organic Almond Tartines are the perfect complement to a healthy, balanced diet! These sandwiches are made with organic ingredients and no preservatives. They are ideal for people with gluten or lactose intolerances or allergies, vegans and vegetarians.

Varied and delicious recipes

Emile Noël’s Gluten-Free Tartines are available in different varieties to suit all tastes. Try our Gluten-Free Tartines with organic almonds, flax and sesame seeds. Thanks to their unique, nutrient-rich taste, they can be eaten at any time of day.

A healthy and tasty alternative for a balanced and varied diet

Emile Noël’s Gluten-Free Tartines are ideal for a healthy, balanced diet. They are rich in nutrients, making them ideal for all ages. They’re perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply as an in-between-meal snack. Add them to your diet to enjoy their nutritional benefits and unique flavour. Discover Emile Noël’s Gluten-Free Tartines with Organic Almonds!

Nutritional values

  • Average nutritional analysis : pour 100 g
  • Energy 1675 kJ / 397 kcal
  • Fats and oils 8.3 g

    Of which saturated fatty acids: 0.8 g
    Of which monounsaturated fatty acids: 5.5 g
    Of which polyunsaturated fatty acids: 2.0 g

  • Carbohydrates 61 g

    Of which sugars: 5 g

  • Protein 17 g
  • Salt 0.5 g
  • Dietary fiber 5 g


  • Almond flour toast

    Rice flour*, Corn flour*, Deoiled almond flour* (15%), Almond flour* (10%), Cane sugar*, Salt.

    *Ingredients from organic farming

    Allergens, in compliance with current regulations: almonds. May contain traces of soy, sesame and nuts. hull.

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