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Emile-Noel-Produit-Vinaigre-Vinaigre de Vin-500ml

Organic 6° Wine Vinegar

Savour Organic Winemaking Excellence

Dive into the art of delectation with our 6° Organic Wine Vinegar. The fruit of a centuries-old winemaking tradition, this precious elixir naturally contains all the essence of sun-ripened grapes. Its sweet acidity and exquisite flavors make it an ideal companion to enhance your dishes, adding a touch of authenticity and refinement.

A Journey of Authentic Flavors:

Our 6° wine vinegar is made with passion, using an artisanal method that preserves its natural qualities. Its balanced taste and amber color add a delicately fruity note to vinaigrettes, sauces and reductions. The natural benefits of grapes, bursting with antioxidants and polyphenols, are released in every drop.

Let yourself be inspired by this symphony of tastes and reveal the magic of authentic flavours.

Ideal as a salad


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A Winegrower’s Delight to awaken your taste buds

Welcome to an exceptional taste journey, where every drop of our 6° Organic Wine Vinegar transports you to the heart of French vineyards, celebrating the very essence of sun-drenched grapes. This symphony of natural flavors reveals a subtle balance between sweetness and acidity, a real caress for the taste buds. Discover our ancestral secret to sublimate your culinary creations and amaze your guests.

Le Savoir-Faire Vigneron Sublimé

Our wine vinegar is the result of an artisanal production method, where every step is guided by passion and commitment to quality. Organic grapes, carefully selected from our partner vineyards, are slowly fermented to reveal their unique character. Naturally containing a myriad of beneficial antioxidants and polyphenols, this botanical treasure adds a healthy touch to your plate.

Enliven your dishes with a touch of excellence

Take inspiration from our wine vinegar to create enchanting vinaigrettes, divinely fragrant sauces, and delicate marinades that will delight the senses.

Its amber color and bewitching aromas magnify meat, fish, vegetables and salads with elegance. Here are a few ideas to enhance your recipes:

  • Chicken with Wine Vinegar and Honey: An irresistible sweet and sour combination.
  • Refreshing Summer Fruit Salad: The perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.
  • Papillote Fish with Fresh Herbs: An explosion of Mediterranean flavors.

An eco-responsible approach

By choosing our 6° Organic Wine Vinegar, you’re supporting an eco-responsible approach that respects nature. Our commitment to organic and fair-trade farming is reflected in every bottle, demonstrating our dedication to preserving the environment and the health of all.


    Organic products The vinegar is made from organic wine. Unpasteurized.

    Allergens according to current regulations: Contains sulfites from fermentation residues.

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