New: Organic Crisps

New: Organic Crisps

Spring, longer days, lunches in the sun, moments of sharing with friends outside… In short, as you can see, the beautiful season is gradually settling in.
Many of you like to share convivial and festive moments around a picnic, a barbecue or an aperitif.

What could be better than good, crispy and gourmet chips to accompany these moments of pleasure?
EMILE NOEL is delighted to present its new range of organic crisps.

By choosing EMILE NOEL chips you will be guaranteed to taste organic, artisanal chips, cooked in a cauldron and made in Provence.
The quality of the ingredients is essential for Emile Noel, which is why we have selected French organic potatoes and sunflower oil, for quality recipes, without palm oil.

Young and old alike will be able to enjoy a variety of flavours: plain, salt-free, with herbes de Provence or Espelette pepper for the more adventurous.
So don’t wait any longer, go to your favourite organic store to discover our new range of crisps.

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