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Organic Virgin Sesame Oil

Discover our Organic Virgin Sesame Oil: A natural culinary treasure

Immerse yourself in the very essence of gastronomy with our Organic Virgin Sesame Oil. This precious edible oil from the finest sesame seeds is a culinary treasure.

Cold-pressed, it naturally contains all the nutritional qualities and exquisite flavour of sesame. Discover its benefits in inspiring recipes, and travel to the heart of Asia with its bewitching sweetness and fragrance.

Let yourself be seduced by this organic virgin sesame oil, the secret of passionate chefs. Welcome to the world of Emile Noël, where quality and authenticity have been our hallmarks for generations.

Balanced composition


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Explore our list of reliable e-commerce partners to buy our premium organic oils at the click of a button. Enjoy a convenient shopping experience and the exceptional benefits of our products. Make your choice with confidence and contribute to our mission of promoting healthy, sustainable food.

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Discover the Delight of the Orient: Our Organic Virgin Sesame Oil

Welcome to an enchanting gustatory voyage, where Asia invites itself into your dishes thanks to our Organic Virgin Sesame Oil. Popular with the most discerning palates for over a century, this exceptional artisanal oil is the fruit of know-how handed down from generation to generation by Emile Noël.

The Secret Elixir of Asian Cuisine

Enchanting flavours

By revealing subtle, delicate aromatic notes, our Organic Virgin Sesame Oil enhances your dishes, from exotic woks to gourmet marinades. It naturally contains all the benefits of sesame, giving your recipes an authentic touch and an unrivalled richness of flavor.

A nutritional treasure

Thanks to its cold-pressing method, our virgin oil fully preserves the nutritional virtues of sesame. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, it supports your daily well-being, adding a healthy, balanced touch to your dishes.

Exceptional recipes to try

Discover our selection of inspiring recipes featuringOrganic Virgin Sesame Oil:

  • Sesame Teriyaki Chicken: An explosion of sweet and savory flavors for a guaranteed change of scenery.
  • Sesame Soba Salad: Freshness and lightness for a trip to the land of the Rising Sun.
  • Wok-sautéed vegetables: A symphony of colours and aromas to awaken all your senses.

L’Excellence Emile Noël

True to our commitment to the environment and quality, we select the finest organic sesame seeds to bring you a virgin oil of rare purity. Our ethical and responsible approach guarantees an ethereal culinary experience, tinged with age-old traditions.

Let yourself be enchanted

Emile NoëlOrganic Virgin Sesame Oil is much more than just a condiment, it’s a culinary elixir that will awaken your senses and taste buds with every bite.

Why choose our Organic Virgin Sesame Oil?

  • A handcrafted treasure, produced for over 100 years.
  • Ancestral know-how handed down from generation to generation.
  • Delicate, authentic flavours for refined cuisine.
  • Preserved nutritional virtues thanks to cold pressing.
  • An ethical and organic approach, for a responsible culinary experience.

Nutritional values

  • Average nutritional analysis : pour 100 g
  • Energy 3700 kJ / 900 kcal
  • Fats and oils 100 g

    Of which saturated fatty acids:16 g
    Of which monounsaturated fatty acids: 42 g
    Of which polyunsaturated fatty acids: 42 g

  • Carbohydrates 0 g

    Of which sugars: 0 g

  • Protein 0 g
  • Salt 0 g
  • Vitamin E 6 mg soit 50% des VNR*
  • *NRV: Nutritional reference values


  • 100% organic virgin sesame oil (Filière Mali), first cold pressed

Available formats

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