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Emile Noel Produit huile olive Douce 1L 603

The Emile Noël signature: Organic oils that transmit a love of nature and respect for the environment.

At Emile Noël, our passion for high-quality organic oils goes back more than a century. Since 1920, we have firmly believed in the importance of offering products that are pure, healthy and respectful of the environment.

Thanks to careful selection, we offer you a wide range of organic oils, specially chosen for their exquisite flavours and health benefits. From olive oil to seed oil, and exotic treasures like avocado or black cumin oil, you can explore our collection and let us guide you through a unique taste experience.

We place the utmost importance on the quality of our products, ensuring that they meet the most rigorous organic farming standards. We’re proud to offer you organic oils of exceptional purity, so you can enjoy a healthy diet and indulge yourself at the same time.

At Emile Noël, we believe that well-being requires conscious and tasty eating . That’s why we do everything we can to offer you organic oils that combine quality, flavor and respect for the environment. Join us on this taste adventure and discover the pleasure of healthy and delicious food .

The simple pleasure of cooking with quality products

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houmous a la moutarde citronee

Hummus with lemon mustard

: Régalez-vous avec une recette savoureuse et rafraîchissante ! Préparez une purée de pois chiches, surprenante par sa texture et ses saveurs. Suivez nos étapes simples et ajoutez des épices et des graines pour obtenir un résultat gustatif incroyable. Égouttez...

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IMG 024228229

Roasted asparagus with milk thistle oil

Discover a delicious and healthy dish based on roasted asparagus with Chardon Maries oil. A perfect combination of sweetness and flavour to delight your taste buds. Easily prepare this distinctive recipe and share your experience with friends and family! Enjoy...

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Gateau orange huile dolive

Orange and olive oil cake

Looking for a healthy and tasty dessert recipe? Try our delicious Orange and Olive Oil Cake! This magical blend of unusual ingredients combines deep, rich flavors with a subtly mellow texture. Its original taste and unique flavor will delight your...

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saumon laque miel huile colza5

Honey-glazed grilled salmon, roasted vegetables

This recipe is perfect for your next dinner party: try Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon with Roasted Vegetables! Discover a delicious blend of flavors, where the sweetness of honey complements the slightly salty taste of salmon, while roasted vegetables add a...

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