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Immerse yourself in a world of delights with our starter recipes refined and original

gaspacho Emile Noel Cest Ma Food

Tomato and pineapple gazpacho

This summer, discover a unique and delicious recipe: pineapple-tomato gazpacho. This tasty blend is the ideal drink to cool down on hot days, with the sweetness of tomatoes blended with the pleasant acidity of pineapple. Come and treat your taste...

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taboule radis asperges petits pois5

Tabbouleh with asparagus, radishes and peas

Tabbouleh with asparagus, radishes and peas is a nutritious, delicious and fresh blend perfect for vegetarians. Take advantage of the season for these ingredients to discover their flavours in a simple, tasty dish. Using copywriting and storytelling techniques, the recipe...

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IMG 024228229

Salted waffles with mustard

Salted waffles with mustard are a classic, tasty recipe that will delight your taste buds. Mustard combines perfectly with other ingredients to create a unique and delicious explosion of flavor. Follow the instructions and tips provided to learn how to...

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carpaccio betterave pommes sorbet

Beet and apple carpaccio, beet and ewe ice cream

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to prepare sunny delights. Try our original and colourful recipe for beet and apple carpaccio with beet and ewe ice cream, a tasty blend with a tangy flavour that will delight your taste buds! Have...

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panzanella Emile Noel Cest Ma Food

Panzanella with heirloom tomatoes

Looking for a tasty, flavorful starter? Make your own Panzanella with heirloom tomatoes! This Italian wonder made with bread and heirloom tomatoes is a delight for the taste buds. Enjoy this blend of tasty tomatoes, bocconcini, basil and olive oil...

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soupe haricots courge chorizo8

Tomato, squash and chorizo soup

A simple, tasty recipe to delight your guests: tomato, squash and chorizo soup! Bold flavours and a mix of textures that perfectly blend chorizo, tomato and squash: a meal rich in love with every bite! For a unique culinary experience,...

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soupe chataigne3

Fresh chestnut soup

Enjoy a delicious fresh chestnut soup that will delight your family's palate. We've provided simple, step-by-step instructions so you can easily create this nutritious and irresistible recipe. A tasty chestnut soup made with love to share with your loved ones:...

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tartare thon et riz

Tuna and rice tartar

Travel to a world of exotic flavors and vibrant colors with our tuna and rice tartare! A succulent dish that will delight all your guests and impress with its balance of flavors and fresh ingredients. Refresh your taste buds with...

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Soupe de recette Carottes huile sesame Emile Noel

Carrot, chai, ginger, chestnut and coconut soup

. Embarquez pour un voyage culinaire inédit ! Avec la Soupe de Carottes, chaï, gingembre, châtaigne et coco, préparez-vous à découvrir une combinaison magique de saveurs chaudes et épicées. Le mélange subtil de la châtaigne et de la noix de...

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recette veloute chou fleur Emile Noel

Roasted cauliflower soup with smoked tea

Discover this unique and delicious blend of smoked tea and roasted cauliflower that will give you the sensations of a gourmet dish in no time. Surprise your guests with this velouté, whose breathtaking taste is sure to please. Quick and...

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IMG 024228229

Roasted asparagus with milk thistle oil

Discover a delicious and healthy dish based on roasted asparagus with Chardon Maries oil. A perfect combination of sweetness and flavour to delight your taste buds. Easily prepare this distinctive recipe and share your experience with friends and family! Enjoy...

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rouleaux de printemps carotte chou avocat sesame1

Vegetarian spring rolls

. Les Rouleaux de printemps végétariens sont un délice unique, parfait pour compléter n'importe quel repas : dégustez des légumes aromatisés à l'ail et des fromages râpés enrobés par une fine feuille de printemps. Bien que la recette soit simple...

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recette soupe curry Emile Noel

Lentil and curry soup

A rich, nutritious recipe: Discover Lentil and Curry Soup. Flavored with a touch of curry and packed with healthy, complex vegetables, this soup is both satisfying and healthy. The lentils add delicate texture and flavor to complement the creamy sauce...

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Maison Boutarin Recette Creme brulee ail noir


. Vous êtes à la recherche d'un plat unique et sensationnel qui surprendra vos invités ? Ne cherchez plus ! La Crème Brûlée à l'Ail Noir est une recette merveilleuse qui allie des goûts sucrés et salés et des saveurs...

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gaufres petits pois saumon

Pea waffles with fresh goat’s cheese and smoked salmon

This waffle is a refined and tasty dish that combines nutritious and delicious ingredients: peas, fresh goat's cheese and smoked salmon. Once baked, its crispy texture reveals a blend of creaminess, freshness and sweetness. An aromatic symphony of unique flavors....

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