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Dive into the sweet world with our recipes for desserts exquisite

energy balls dattes cacao emile noel

Energy Balls

Energy Balls are a delicious and varied recipe made with sunflower and sesame seeds, nuts and spices. They're the perfect snack to help you stay in shape throughout the day and provide you with energy. Rich in essential vitamins and...

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recette muffins citron pavot

Lemon Poppy Muffins

Treat yourself to our delicious lemon and poppy seed muffins! Made with tangy touches, crunchy poppy seeds and fluffy muffins, this snack will delight young and old alike and prolong the pleasure. Discover the recipe for Lemon Poppy Muffins!

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recette basilic salade melon pasteque emile noel

Summer fruits with basil oil

. Préparez-vous à vivre une expérience culinaire unique et paradisiaque avec ce mélange de fruits d'été et d'huile de basilic ! Succombez à sa fraîcheur et à ses saveurs aromatiques pour des papilles enchantées. Découvrez une nouvelle saveur sucrée-salée et...

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glace vinaigre balsamique1

Balsamic vinegar ice cream, fig salad

Balsamic vinegar ice cream with fig salad is a vitamin-rich dish that's both light and tasty. An intense, tangy taste that will delight your taste buds! Fresh figs and balsamic vinegar, a refreshing cocktail for a meal that won't make...

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trifle peches

Peach trifles

Peach trifle is a magical recipe you'll always remember! Peach trifle is a light, cloud-sweet dessert of whipped cream, peaches, dried cookies and a hint of cinnamon. Quick and easy to prepare, this recipe can be shared with friends and...

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carrot cake

Carrot cake

Carrot Cake is a must-have cake with a unique taste and colorful appearance. Prepare it for yourself and loved ones with a few simple ingredients and a fluffy texture. Savour its soft layers and delicious sour cream filling, and marvel...

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Tarte rustique aux cerises emile Noel

Rustic cherry pie

fun Rustic cherry pie is an easy-to-make recipe with simple ingredients and a sweet-tart flavor. Its crisp base and refreshing filling will delight your palate, allowing you to create a unique and tasty pie without any headaches.

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crepes recette emile noel


Want to surprise your guests with a delicious meal? Learn how to make irresistible crêpes! Cooked to perfection and blending creamy and crispy flavours, these pancakes will delight your guests and make your party unforgettable! Follow the simple steps in...

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Recette gauffres fraise coco

Strawberry waffles with coconut oil

These fluffy waffles with strawberries and coconut oil are the perfect breakfast for those mornings when you're looking to indulge. They are served with fresh strawberries and a fragrant whipped cream to delight the finest gourmets. Coconut oil gives it...

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recette olive abricots rotis emile noel

Roasted apricots & fresh goat’s cheese

Are you in the mood for a delicious meal? Try a richly flavored dish of roasted apricots and fresh goat's cheese. A subtly sweet and salty combination that will delight vegetarian lovers. You'll love the caramelized flesh of the apricots...

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IMG 20210211 180039 753

Vegan doughnut

. Les Incroyables Beignets Vegan sont un délice qui offre une saveur sucrée et croustillante, sans compromettre votre goût ! Découvrez une recette vegan simple et délicieuse, préparée à partir d'ingrédients naturels pour une explosion de plaisir. Offrez-vous un moment...

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Prepare your own homemade Granola with success in mind and well-being for your body! Natural ingredients and authentic flavour, with a crunchy texture and nutritional benefits. By following the field_65030acc0e6f8 recipe, start your day on the right foot and enjoy...

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IMG 20210109 173853 665

Vegan chocolate cake

. Régalez votre famille et vos amis avec ce succulent gâteau au chocolat vegan et moelleux : une recette délicieuse, simple, économique, et qui regorge de chocolat! Avec ses saveurs incroyables, elle vous offrira un goût divin dont vous n'oublierez...

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Carrot Cake aux epices Cook

Carrot Cake with spices

. Faites vous plaisir avec un délicieux Carrot Cake aux épices ! Rien de plus délicieux que sa texture moelleuse et sa riche saveur de cannelle et de noix de muscade. Préparez facilement ce gâteau à la maison grâce à...

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Pommes caramelisees au balsamique

Balsamic caramelized apples

Discover an exceptional, easy-to-make dessert: caramelized apples with balsamic. A tasty blend of simple ingredients such as apples, honey and balsamic, for an explosion of soft, sweet flavors and a hint of tartness. A delight to share with family and...

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